Sunday, 21 March 2010

April Challange!

I'm 95 lbs today.
I feel happy :) But!
I was recently in the company of a group of friends with amazingly toned/flat stomachs. And i began to think...

Why arent i losing any fat off my belly, with my weight loss?

I have noticed my legs and thighs becoming skinnier, and my ribs + hips and jaw line are more prominent, but my belly is still not flat...

Summer is approaching and i want a perfect beach body! So what am i going to do?

My own little challange :D
I am hoping to.... no! I will have a flat stomach by the end of April!
This is what i plan to do everyday from today to the last day of April...
2 hour jog.
200 stomach crunches (when i wake up, and again before i sleep.) 1 hour of high intensity aerobics
1 hour on the exercise bike
1 hour on the wii fit! (i know it hardly will make a difference but atleast its entertaining!)

I still sort of feel like it wont be enough, so if you have any good exercises for abs then purrrleaseeeeeee let me know! :)

I'm going to mix up my diet also, because i need energy to keep exercising, so im cutting out high carb foods, and eating high fibre foods and leafy vegetables. Like spinach! But i dont want to exceed 400 cal per day.

I do think i'm slacking and i could push myself farther :S But yeah, any suggestions?

I hope everyone is doing well with their weight loss!


Is it really bad that upon seeing the picture below i thought..
"Ew fat thighs!"
I'm so shallow.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Welcome back double figures.


So if you read my last post, you'd know of my disgusting weight gain....

I'm back to 98 lbs... :D

I've come to the conclusion that i'm the type of person who gains, and loses weight very easily.
Which means i can get skinny quickly...
But if i have a "fat" day... (binge on sugary, calorific crap) I balloon!

So whats the solution?
Dont eat...?
Well i can fast, but i cant just NOT eat, so if i limit my intake to about, 200 cal a day MAXIMUM, i should lose weight fairly rapidly.

I'm also intrested in trying some diet pills!
Can anyone recommend any good brands?


Sunday, 7 March 2010

Turn for the worse.

I haven't blogged for over a month.
Purely because i wasnt sure what to say, i was stuck at a weight of 99lbs which at the time i was pretty disapointed with.

But in the last week i've been totally disgusting, stuffing my face with chocolate, toffee popcorn and glasses of semi skimmed milk. :(

I've put on 13 pounds!!!!!
THATS ALMOST A FUCKING STONE. i feel so vile and ugh...
Sometimes i wish i wasnt such a pussy and could just purge, but i know thats not right.

So basically i am not happy at all at the moment and i declare tommorow, to be a fast.
I shall consume only water! And if i am on the verge of fainting i will resort to handfulls of dry oats.

I wish i could give you some inspiring words but to be honest, i really cant!
I just want to cleanse out all the disgusting fat, and food out of my system.

So i can feel clean and empty.

I will lose those fucking 13 lbs and will lose more!
I have to...


Heres some gorgeous thinspo that makes me green with envy.

Monday, 1 February 2010

The Media Sucks.

Evenin' everyone :)

I promised a post a couple days ago but i ended up being abit busy, so i'ma do it now!

So i wanted to lose 7lb well i lost 3 and then put 2 back on.

Why? Well i put it down to drinking at a party.
Bacardi, Shots + Alchopops are calorific as fuckkk :(

Little bit of dissapointment to be honest, but i'm still in double figures so thats keeping a tiny bit of me motivated!

Today i consumed a tin of lentil soup.

A whole tin. My excuse? I didnt want to waste it, my parents would be like
"Why did u leave half a can of soup?"
Plus it kinda makes me feel selfish, turning food away when in 3rd world countrys and Haiti people are starving.

(I make alot of excuses for myself... dear God.

Now, getting onto the title of my post, i was just watching something about skinny celebrities on tv.
Basically a bunch of average looking gossip guru's and tv personalities bashing beautifully skinny girls.
One woman seemed happy to tell us that,
"Men dont like skinny girls, they want curves!"
"Skinny girls AREN'T real women!"
"Nobody wants a skinny girl!"

Pisses me off how somebody would say that. Some of the celebrities featured for being too skinny were, Cheryl Cole, Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton...
HELLO!? They are gorgeous and stick thin. (perfect.)

By telling a skinny girl shes not attractive, womanly or goodlooking enough that may lead to a severe decrease in the little body confidence they have causing them to binge/purge/fast.
(As much as i fast, we all know its not good for you.)

Sorry for the rant but it annoys me. Nobody has the right to judge somebody far superior than themselves.

ANYWAY. I got a comment on my previous post asking about how to hide not eating from parents/family... well i think for most people dinner is when you really are being watched by your parents For me, breakfast and lunch is consumed(or not) alone, and in the evening is when it becomes tricky.
Of course there is the classic, "I dont feel well..." Which is abit of a dodgey approach because if you say that every meal time they'll either think you've got something seriously wrong with you or work out your motives. Sometimes your just gonna have to eat something, and in those situations try and take only vegetables and protein, plate up your own food and choose small portions. Chop food into tiny pieces and scatter them onto the plate creating the illusion that you've eaten more. You could also try keeping some food in your mouth to spit out later.
These arent very effective methods just ways of diguising how much you've eaten.
Some risky methods are.
Complaining of fullness, requesting to eat in bedroom, asking to eat later because your not hungry, hiding the food under napkins, cutlery.

This post is too long... haha.
keep slim :) x

Friday, 29 January 2010


Yeah.. you there. YES! i'm talking about you!
I am pretty chuffed at the support/kindwords/new followers that i have recieved since starting my messy little blog. Lovely comments like that really do make my day :)

So.. i havent blogged for like a week. Why? your probably asking...
Well because i've got myself into a routine that goes a little bit like this.


Factor my social life into that routine and i have had no time to be on the computer.

I am currently 99lbs and i aim to lose another 7 in the next week? I'll let you know how it goes :)
I am pretty damn pleased with my progress so far, and its a nice feeling being able to say that. If you girls feel like your weight loss has grinded to a stop and your not reaching your goals then instead of putting yourself down, congratulate yourself for your achievements, i know how you can spiral into a deeper state of self loathing when your fast fails or you gain some pounds but its alot better to just be calm and think. "Tommorow is another day!".

We will all reach perfection.
(L) x

Bit of thinspo of course ;)

Oh and if that doesnt make you wanna get skinny maybe this will...

Friday, 22 January 2010


My mood today was abit... blah.
I was feeling irritated that i stopped fasting and wasnt in the best mood.

Until a girl said about how amazing my legs looked and how they were so skinny.
You have no idea how happy i was.
Negative comments are what started my hatred towards my body, and to recieve a positive one out of the blue is just amazing.
You know how when you can stand with your feet together and your legs dont touch light shines in the gaps? Well that happens with my legs, it makes me happy :)
The area inwhich i have the most loathing for is my belly. Halfway between flat, and chubby.
I want it flat. So flat that it concaves slighty.
Some time soon me hopes =)

Today i had 2 weetabix's and a tea with a splash of milk.
And 30 minutes of interval training followed by 45 minutes on the exercise bike.
Despite my food intake i feel pretty good today. I havent yet weighed myself which is rare for me, as i have a habit of doing it up to 4 times a day, but i'm sure i wont be able to resist much longer.

Thursday, 21 January 2010


Heres some ridiculously perfect girls for you to idolize.

Before i write anything else i must say.

"The Reeling - Bubble gum sci-fi Remix" by Passion Pit...

It was on the lastest "Skins" advert. But yeah its quite uplifting and made me feel happy, and thats always a good thing right?
Moving swiflty onwards...
Guess who stayed food free all day?
Why that would be me!
0 Cals consumed! (well the days not over yet, but whatever.)
I didnt even have a tea, just water.
The feeling of empty is amazing. Its just like a reminder that your on your way to perfection.
(wow, cliche! haha)
I also did 20 minutes on the exercise bike, so as you can expect i'm pretty tired.

I didnt get anybody hassle me about not eating today, usually somebody comments and i have to make up some shit about feeling ill. Its like, get off my fucking back, leave me alone and eat your
billion calorie baguette.
Of course i didnt say that, i'm usually nice. ;)

As much as i regret to say it i think i'm going to eat tommorow.
1 weetabix and tomato soup i'm planning(NOT TOGETHER OBVS xD). And then fast the day after that. I'm a failure i know, but i dont want to faint infront of my parents or teachers.

Ignore this random picture i just think the colours are hot ;)

Stay Skinny. x