Friday, 29 January 2010


Yeah.. you there. YES! i'm talking about you!
I am pretty chuffed at the support/kindwords/new followers that i have recieved since starting my messy little blog. Lovely comments like that really do make my day :)

So.. i havent blogged for like a week. Why? your probably asking...
Well because i've got myself into a routine that goes a little bit like this.


Factor my social life into that routine and i have had no time to be on the computer.

I am currently 99lbs and i aim to lose another 7 in the next week? I'll let you know how it goes :)
I am pretty damn pleased with my progress so far, and its a nice feeling being able to say that. If you girls feel like your weight loss has grinded to a stop and your not reaching your goals then instead of putting yourself down, congratulate yourself for your achievements, i know how you can spiral into a deeper state of self loathing when your fast fails or you gain some pounds but its alot better to just be calm and think. "Tommorow is another day!".

We will all reach perfection.
(L) x

Bit of thinspo of course ;)

Oh and if that doesnt make you wanna get skinny maybe this will...

Friday, 22 January 2010


My mood today was abit... blah.
I was feeling irritated that i stopped fasting and wasnt in the best mood.

Until a girl said about how amazing my legs looked and how they were so skinny.
You have no idea how happy i was.
Negative comments are what started my hatred towards my body, and to recieve a positive one out of the blue is just amazing.
You know how when you can stand with your feet together and your legs dont touch light shines in the gaps? Well that happens with my legs, it makes me happy :)
The area inwhich i have the most loathing for is my belly. Halfway between flat, and chubby.
I want it flat. So flat that it concaves slighty.
Some time soon me hopes =)

Today i had 2 weetabix's and a tea with a splash of milk.
And 30 minutes of interval training followed by 45 minutes on the exercise bike.
Despite my food intake i feel pretty good today. I havent yet weighed myself which is rare for me, as i have a habit of doing it up to 4 times a day, but i'm sure i wont be able to resist much longer.

Thursday, 21 January 2010


Heres some ridiculously perfect girls for you to idolize.

Before i write anything else i must say.

"The Reeling - Bubble gum sci-fi Remix" by Passion Pit...

It was on the lastest "Skins" advert. But yeah its quite uplifting and made me feel happy, and thats always a good thing right?
Moving swiflty onwards...
Guess who stayed food free all day?
Why that would be me!
0 Cals consumed! (well the days not over yet, but whatever.)
I didnt even have a tea, just water.
The feeling of empty is amazing. Its just like a reminder that your on your way to perfection.
(wow, cliche! haha)
I also did 20 minutes on the exercise bike, so as you can expect i'm pretty tired.

I didnt get anybody hassle me about not eating today, usually somebody comments and i have to make up some shit about feeling ill. Its like, get off my fucking back, leave me alone and eat your
billion calorie baguette.
Of course i didnt say that, i'm usually nice. ;)

As much as i regret to say it i think i'm going to eat tommorow.
1 weetabix and tomato soup i'm planning(NOT TOGETHER OBVS xD). And then fast the day after that. I'm a failure i know, but i dont want to faint infront of my parents or teachers.

Ignore this random picture i just think the colours are hot ;)

Stay Skinny. x

Wednesday, 20 January 2010


So today a girl i know did something absoloutely disgusting.
Drank a whole 1 litre of unhealthy fruit juice.

Thats 20% more sugar than an adults GDA for sugar.

Dont even get me started on the calories.

I actually loathe drinking my calories, as liquids dont really sustain you like solid foods, but the calorie count is equal or even more.

Watching her gulp down the artifically orange carton of pure obeseity really did help me along with my fast.

Sort of. I did eat some cherries.
6 cherries = 30 cals (aprox)
These just kept me going, but i still feel extremely guilty. Its messed up that i can be freaking out over 30 cals but its just what i do.
Thinspo time girls. ;)

I'll start fasting again tommorow. Lots of water and maybe some tea. Hopefully not tea, but we'll see how that goes.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Hi There.

So i've stepped back into old habits.
My favourite habit.
Not eating.
I have phases of being a real trooper and going without food for long periods of time and feel amazing because i am empty and getting skinnier, but then i binge out on biscuits.
Fucking biscuits.
I dont even like biscuits that much.
But moving onwards... I need some kinda motivation, and i think this little bloggy woggy may do the job. I mean, what else can persuade you to deprive yourself of nourishment than these gorgeously skinny women?

So basically, i want to look like them. And at the moment i am fat. 105 lb is my current weight, and my bmi is 18 My goal is 91 lbs. My lowest weight has been 98 pounds, so i am aiming to loose a stone in weight. But we'll see how it goes...
I'm willing to give or take a few pounds.

Now, believe it or not, my calorie counting is not that great. I've love to be able to point at iced bun and scream "THAT HAS 300 CALORIES!" (btw iced buns might be less or more than 300 cals it was a random figure...) But unfortunatly i am not yet clued up. Luckily for me, my mother keeps a calorie counting book in our kitchen, so thats gonna be my bed time read.

I'll let you know how day 1 goes. ;)