Monday, 1 February 2010

The Media Sucks.

Evenin' everyone :)

I promised a post a couple days ago but i ended up being abit busy, so i'ma do it now!

So i wanted to lose 7lb well i lost 3 and then put 2 back on.

Why? Well i put it down to drinking at a party.
Bacardi, Shots + Alchopops are calorific as fuckkk :(

Little bit of dissapointment to be honest, but i'm still in double figures so thats keeping a tiny bit of me motivated!

Today i consumed a tin of lentil soup.

A whole tin. My excuse? I didnt want to waste it, my parents would be like
"Why did u leave half a can of soup?"
Plus it kinda makes me feel selfish, turning food away when in 3rd world countrys and Haiti people are starving.

(I make alot of excuses for myself... dear God.

Now, getting onto the title of my post, i was just watching something about skinny celebrities on tv.
Basically a bunch of average looking gossip guru's and tv personalities bashing beautifully skinny girls.
One woman seemed happy to tell us that,
"Men dont like skinny girls, they want curves!"
"Skinny girls AREN'T real women!"
"Nobody wants a skinny girl!"

Pisses me off how somebody would say that. Some of the celebrities featured for being too skinny were, Cheryl Cole, Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton...
HELLO!? They are gorgeous and stick thin. (perfect.)

By telling a skinny girl shes not attractive, womanly or goodlooking enough that may lead to a severe decrease in the little body confidence they have causing them to binge/purge/fast.
(As much as i fast, we all know its not good for you.)

Sorry for the rant but it annoys me. Nobody has the right to judge somebody far superior than themselves.

ANYWAY. I got a comment on my previous post asking about how to hide not eating from parents/family... well i think for most people dinner is when you really are being watched by your parents For me, breakfast and lunch is consumed(or not) alone, and in the evening is when it becomes tricky.
Of course there is the classic, "I dont feel well..." Which is abit of a dodgey approach because if you say that every meal time they'll either think you've got something seriously wrong with you or work out your motives. Sometimes your just gonna have to eat something, and in those situations try and take only vegetables and protein, plate up your own food and choose small portions. Chop food into tiny pieces and scatter them onto the plate creating the illusion that you've eaten more. You could also try keeping some food in your mouth to spit out later.
These arent very effective methods just ways of diguising how much you've eaten.
Some risky methods are.
Complaining of fullness, requesting to eat in bedroom, asking to eat later because your not hungry, hiding the food under napkins, cutlery.

This post is too long... haha.
keep slim :) x


  1. thanks for the tips! i don't have to eat at breakfast or lunch either, as at these times i'm also alone, but the evening is definately hen it becomes harder! I'll try a few of your suggestions :)
    I watched that extreme skinny celebs programme! Come on, I don't know one straight guy who hasn't said he would "bone" Cheryl Cole! And who says they'd fuck Michelle McManus? Nobody. Haha (;
    Don't worry about the gain - you still lost a pound overall, and everyone binge drinks at parties :/. I'm sure you'll be able to get straight back in track, and lose those extra 6 lbs!
    good luck :) x

  2. Saying that skinny girls aren't beautiful is the same thing as saying big girls aren't beautiful, they both reduce self-confidence and can induce disordered eating. The key is to be happy with your body no matter what the media portrays as beautiful (which is still skinny girls). Health and confidence is beauty.

  3. Skinny is still beautiful no doubt and
    nothing can really change that if you think about it.
    Cellutite, rolls and double chins shouldn't intimidate you, or anyone actually...
    You are very determined i can tell, so dont worry about the gain, just stay on track.