Thursday, 21 January 2010


Heres some ridiculously perfect girls for you to idolize.

Before i write anything else i must say.

"The Reeling - Bubble gum sci-fi Remix" by Passion Pit...

It was on the lastest "Skins" advert. But yeah its quite uplifting and made me feel happy, and thats always a good thing right?
Moving swiflty onwards...
Guess who stayed food free all day?
Why that would be me!
0 Cals consumed! (well the days not over yet, but whatever.)
I didnt even have a tea, just water.
The feeling of empty is amazing. Its just like a reminder that your on your way to perfection.
(wow, cliche! haha)
I also did 20 minutes on the exercise bike, so as you can expect i'm pretty tired.

I didnt get anybody hassle me about not eating today, usually somebody comments and i have to make up some shit about feeling ill. Its like, get off my fucking back, leave me alone and eat your
billion calorie baguette.
Of course i didnt say that, i'm usually nice. ;)

As much as i regret to say it i think i'm going to eat tommorow.
1 weetabix and tomato soup i'm planning(NOT TOGETHER OBVS xD). And then fast the day after that. I'm a failure i know, but i dont want to faint infront of my parents or teachers.

Ignore this random picture i just think the colours are hot ;)

Stay Skinny. x

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  1. OMG THAT'S AWESOME! you are officially my motivation for today! well done, thats such good self control. ooo and skins! love it, we get it in nz too (although like 4 months after its finished over there...)