Sunday, 21 March 2010

April Challange!

I'm 95 lbs today.
I feel happy :) But!
I was recently in the company of a group of friends with amazingly toned/flat stomachs. And i began to think...

Why arent i losing any fat off my belly, with my weight loss?

I have noticed my legs and thighs becoming skinnier, and my ribs + hips and jaw line are more prominent, but my belly is still not flat...

Summer is approaching and i want a perfect beach body! So what am i going to do?

My own little challange :D
I am hoping to.... no! I will have a flat stomach by the end of April!
This is what i plan to do everyday from today to the last day of April...
2 hour jog.
200 stomach crunches (when i wake up, and again before i sleep.) 1 hour of high intensity aerobics
1 hour on the exercise bike
1 hour on the wii fit! (i know it hardly will make a difference but atleast its entertaining!)

I still sort of feel like it wont be enough, so if you have any good exercises for abs then purrrleaseeeeeee let me know! :)

I'm going to mix up my diet also, because i need energy to keep exercising, so im cutting out high carb foods, and eating high fibre foods and leafy vegetables. Like spinach! But i dont want to exceed 400 cal per day.

I do think i'm slacking and i could push myself farther :S But yeah, any suggestions?

I hope everyone is doing well with their weight loss!


Is it really bad that upon seeing the picture below i thought..
"Ew fat thighs!"
I'm so shallow.


  1. 95 lbs! I wish I weighed the same as you!
    Good luck with the challenge! I'm so positive you can do it! You're such an inspiration :)
    Stay strong x

  2. good luck
    and i'm shallow too

  3. Pilates! Good for the "core" (abs)

  4. I am so jealous of you
    . . . I am the complete opposite
    I loose weight in my stomach and not my thighs :(

  5. hey :) all the best to you, i hope you make your dream come true. and don't worry, i also thought she is .. well, not fat, but not skinny enough for me ;) (horrible thought in fact hehe)