Friday, 22 January 2010


My mood today was abit... blah.
I was feeling irritated that i stopped fasting and wasnt in the best mood.

Until a girl said about how amazing my legs looked and how they were so skinny.
You have no idea how happy i was.
Negative comments are what started my hatred towards my body, and to recieve a positive one out of the blue is just amazing.
You know how when you can stand with your feet together and your legs dont touch light shines in the gaps? Well that happens with my legs, it makes me happy :)
The area inwhich i have the most loathing for is my belly. Halfway between flat, and chubby.
I want it flat. So flat that it concaves slighty.
Some time soon me hopes =)

Today i had 2 weetabix's and a tea with a splash of milk.
And 30 minutes of interval training followed by 45 minutes on the exercise bike.
Despite my food intake i feel pretty good today. I havent yet weighed myself which is rare for me, as i have a habit of doing it up to 4 times a day, but i'm sure i wont be able to resist much longer.


  1. I LOVE your thinspo!!!!

  2. I love your thinspiration! Olivia Palermo is one of my favorites! :D

    Congrats on the compliment! I wish I had skinny legs, lucky girl!

    Ciao, Fiona

  3. Yummy thinspo!
    its great you got such nice compliment =)
    you deserve it <3

  4. Hi, I'm new here!
    Congratulations! Seriously, legs not touching means THIN! :)

  5. ^ Totallly agree.

    So when you do work out. . . stick to cardio or do you strengthen your legs for them to be the way they are ? ? ?