Sunday, 21 March 2010

April Challange!

I'm 95 lbs today.
I feel happy :) But!
I was recently in the company of a group of friends with amazingly toned/flat stomachs. And i began to think...

Why arent i losing any fat off my belly, with my weight loss?

I have noticed my legs and thighs becoming skinnier, and my ribs + hips and jaw line are more prominent, but my belly is still not flat...

Summer is approaching and i want a perfect beach body! So what am i going to do?

My own little challange :D
I am hoping to.... no! I will have a flat stomach by the end of April!
This is what i plan to do everyday from today to the last day of April...
2 hour jog.
200 stomach crunches (when i wake up, and again before i sleep.) 1 hour of high intensity aerobics
1 hour on the exercise bike
1 hour on the wii fit! (i know it hardly will make a difference but atleast its entertaining!)

I still sort of feel like it wont be enough, so if you have any good exercises for abs then purrrleaseeeeeee let me know! :)

I'm going to mix up my diet also, because i need energy to keep exercising, so im cutting out high carb foods, and eating high fibre foods and leafy vegetables. Like spinach! But i dont want to exceed 400 cal per day.

I do think i'm slacking and i could push myself farther :S But yeah, any suggestions?

I hope everyone is doing well with their weight loss!


Is it really bad that upon seeing the picture below i thought..
"Ew fat thighs!"
I'm so shallow.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Welcome back double figures.


So if you read my last post, you'd know of my disgusting weight gain....

I'm back to 98 lbs... :D

I've come to the conclusion that i'm the type of person who gains, and loses weight very easily.
Which means i can get skinny quickly...
But if i have a "fat" day... (binge on sugary, calorific crap) I balloon!

So whats the solution?
Dont eat...?
Well i can fast, but i cant just NOT eat, so if i limit my intake to about, 200 cal a day MAXIMUM, i should lose weight fairly rapidly.

I'm also intrested in trying some diet pills!
Can anyone recommend any good brands?


Sunday, 7 March 2010

Turn for the worse.

I haven't blogged for over a month.
Purely because i wasnt sure what to say, i was stuck at a weight of 99lbs which at the time i was pretty disapointed with.

But in the last week i've been totally disgusting, stuffing my face with chocolate, toffee popcorn and glasses of semi skimmed milk. :(

I've put on 13 pounds!!!!!
THATS ALMOST A FUCKING STONE. i feel so vile and ugh...
Sometimes i wish i wasnt such a pussy and could just purge, but i know thats not right.

So basically i am not happy at all at the moment and i declare tommorow, to be a fast.
I shall consume only water! And if i am on the verge of fainting i will resort to handfulls of dry oats.

I wish i could give you some inspiring words but to be honest, i really cant!
I just want to cleanse out all the disgusting fat, and food out of my system.

So i can feel clean and empty.

I will lose those fucking 13 lbs and will lose more!
I have to...


Heres some gorgeous thinspo that makes me green with envy.