Monday, 15 March 2010

Welcome back double figures.


So if you read my last post, you'd know of my disgusting weight gain....

I'm back to 98 lbs... :D

I've come to the conclusion that i'm the type of person who gains, and loses weight very easily.
Which means i can get skinny quickly...
But if i have a "fat" day... (binge on sugary, calorific crap) I balloon!

So whats the solution?
Dont eat...?
Well i can fast, but i cant just NOT eat, so if i limit my intake to about, 200 cal a day MAXIMUM, i should lose weight fairly rapidly.

I'm also intrested in trying some diet pills!
Can anyone recommend any good brands?



  1. Well I don't know any good ones but when I used Stacker 2 I didn't really loose weight, but maybe that's just my body...

  2. ahhh im so jealous. first about the 98 lbs, then about the quick weight loss. mine is painfully slow. i agree with the adderall. im also a big fan of diet tea. not as suspicious as pills, and no come down.

  3. Adderall is amazing . . .
    My friend has a prescription for it , so once in awhile if I convince her I 'Have a lot of work" , she will share the love
    SO I guess it has multiple advantages. helps me get work done & clean my room AND not even think about food once

    Anyone have advice on how I can subtly convince my parents that I have learning problems and need to get prescribed to adderall?