Sunday, 7 March 2010

Turn for the worse.

I haven't blogged for over a month.
Purely because i wasnt sure what to say, i was stuck at a weight of 99lbs which at the time i was pretty disapointed with.

But in the last week i've been totally disgusting, stuffing my face with chocolate, toffee popcorn and glasses of semi skimmed milk. :(

I've put on 13 pounds!!!!!
THATS ALMOST A FUCKING STONE. i feel so vile and ugh...
Sometimes i wish i wasnt such a pussy and could just purge, but i know thats not right.

So basically i am not happy at all at the moment and i declare tommorow, to be a fast.
I shall consume only water! And if i am on the verge of fainting i will resort to handfulls of dry oats.

I wish i could give you some inspiring words but to be honest, i really cant!
I just want to cleanse out all the disgusting fat, and food out of my system.

So i can feel clean and empty.

I will lose those fucking 13 lbs and will lose more!
I have to...


Heres some gorgeous thinspo that makes me green with envy.

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