Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Hi There.

So i've stepped back into old habits.
My favourite habit.
Not eating.
I have phases of being a real trooper and going without food for long periods of time and feel amazing because i am empty and getting skinnier, but then i binge out on biscuits.
Fucking biscuits.
I dont even like biscuits that much.
But moving onwards... I need some kinda motivation, and i think this little bloggy woggy may do the job. I mean, what else can persuade you to deprive yourself of nourishment than these gorgeously skinny women?

So basically, i want to look like them. And at the moment i am fat. 105 lb is my current weight, and my bmi is 18 My goal is 91 lbs. My lowest weight has been 98 pounds, so i am aiming to loose a stone in weight. But we'll see how it goes...
I'm willing to give or take a few pounds.

Now, believe it or not, my calorie counting is not that great. I've love to be able to point at iced bun and scream "THAT HAS 300 CALORIES!" (btw iced buns might be less or more than 300 cals it was a random figure...) But unfortunatly i am not yet clued up. Luckily for me, my mother keeps a calorie counting book in our kitchen, so thats gonna be my bed time read.

I'll let you know how day 1 goes. ;)


  1. Hey, doll.

    Just stopping by to say Hey. Great thinspo! Good luck with your fasting efforts!



  2. l0VE the pictures that you post

    They were actually eye-catching and persuaded me to follow your blog !

    *SIDE NOTE* if you need a site to count calories.. . . i have a good one, comment if you want it!